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Gold Energy Healing Logo from R Leah Moon: Energy MedicineNous-Based Healing Paradigm, NBH © as developed by
R Leah Moon.
NBH is a new "single" paradigm that encompasses the entire scope of healing potentiality of our earth whether it is a person, group, event, geographic location, planet, thing we own, the energy of a business, or nature of our potential, etc. Nous-Based Healing is simple and elegant as it aligns and reconnects us, and allows us to evolve toward global spiritual transformation, health, and wholeness.

Double Rainbow Of Health and Well-Being from R Leah Moon: Energy Medicine at www.rleahmoon.comNous-Based Healing (NBH) is the new healing paradigm that I brought forward from my Healing Continuum Research Project as a visionary Innovator that also embraces my Master of Theology in Spirituality and Holistic Health. 

direct-links Source, life force, with intention resulting in powerful new energetic patterns of healing. In a one-on-one format, NBH allows the client to easily and naturally resolve health, life, and well-being issues. In a broader format, it provides for opportunity to open the door for spiritual transformation on a global healing level.

Nous-Based Healing is a metaphysical paradigm of global spiritual transformation, an expanded awareness umbrella that encompasses but is not limited to time, dimensions, healing, spirituality, intuition and the quantum fields.
  It direct links Nous, the source of life force energy, divine substance, which holds the uncreated potentiality to manifest the seen and the seen, with intention.   
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Specialized Generalist, SpG ©  

An energy process and term I created for one who heals, educates, mentors, and researches multiple disciplines with the intention to sum their parts into a greater whole for heightened healing. Creates techniques, services and healing tools for a higher world vibration. 

Nous-Based Healing (NBH), Nous-Essence Alignment Techniques (NEAT)Specialized Generalist (SpG), Healing Slipstreams, and all of the tools, descriptive phrases, and language are trademarked and copyrighted material, not to be duplicated or used without permission from R Leah Moon 2011-2017. All Right Reserved. 


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