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R Leah Moon, BCND, ThM, BS Human Ecology

You are in the good hands of an experienced,
International Intuitive Consultant,
Healer, & Visionary!

Healing Arts Professional 
International Intuitive Consultant,
Ancient Shamanic Energy Medicine, & Visionary Mystic

R Leah Moon helps people from around the world with issues that affect their life, health, and well-being. Her cutting-edge private practice is known for its one-of-a-kind, root-cause-result-based approach. Her research work is in the Healing Continuum. She is the founder of the healing paradigm, Nous-Based Healing (NBH) ©, and the creator of the process and term, Specialized Generalist (SpG) ©. She is a board certified: Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist; certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner; state licensed educator; holds multiple certifications in and author of articles on energy medicine and energy psychology. Trained: intuitive, mentor, spiritual counselor, remote viewer, consulting hypnotist, certified medium, life coach, and master NLP practitioner.

“Leah Moon uses accurate intuitive awareness to direct powerful healing as needed by each person she serves. Few practitioners draw on such a wide range of healing approaches, so each client’s experience is uniquely suited to their level of awareness and needs. I recommend Leah as a compassionate, skillful facilitator of well-being and optimum health.” — Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., Intuitive Consultant and Medical Intuitive (ABSMI)

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R Leah Moon, BCND, ThM, BS Human Ecology, BCNC, BCMH

You are in the good hands of an experienced,
International Intuitive Consultant,
Healer, & Visionary!

R Leah Moon: Energy Medicine
International Intuitive Consultant,
Healing Arts Professional & Visionary Mystic

Leah is a cutting-edge international intuitive consultant and healing arts practitioner. She is a board certified naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist, as well as a certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner. She is known for her “root-cause-result-based” approach in her private practice. She is also a trained intuitive, consulting hypnotist, remote viewer, and holds certifications including: Family & Consumer Scientist, Medium, EFT Expert-2 Practitioner, Life Coach, Quantum Touch, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Lymphologist, Master NLP Practitioner, and Angel Therapy Practitioner. She is certified in and author of articles on energy medicine and energy psychology. Through cross disciplinary training, research, and experience in her private practice, she has made energy healing natural, practical, and easily accessible to those who want to feel better, think more clearly, and get what and where they want to be in life.

Leah holds a BS in Human Ecology from The Ohio State University; state educator licenses in Vocational Education: Consumer Education and Homemaking; Secondary Education; Home Economics, and Pre-kindergarten. She received a Master of Theology in Spirituality and Holistic Health from Holos University Graduate Seminary, continues as a doctoral student, and is an ordained minister of the affiliated All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health. She holds current American Naturopathic Medical Certification Boards as a Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Consultant, and Master Herbalist with degrees from Trinity School of Natural Health in the same areas.

Her research work is in the Healing Continuum. She is author of articles on energy medicine and energy psychology. She currently has a cutting-edge private practice, R Leah Moon: Energy Medicine, that specializes in root-cause-result-based energy sessions for people from around the world who need help with issues that affect their life, health, and well-being.

Leah has been observing the healing continuum throughout her life. She has been integrating dimensions, working with time loops, morphic fields, and recursive nesting since the late 1970s. She has been involved in meditation, guided imagery, intuition, and psychic skills development during the same time.

Leah has two personal life projects:
The first is The Healing Continuum Research Project, from which she brings two new additions to healing: 1) The energy process and term, Specialized (SpG) ©, one who catalyzes multiple energy modalities into a greater whole to heighten healing; to use with the healing paradigm she founded, 2) Nous-Based Healing(NBH) ©, that links life force energies with intention to potentiate healing.

The second life project, and an underlying component of her energy medicine practice, is her Family Values and Ethics Project for a Better Earth. It focuses on awareness of the family as a major player, and unification tool that emphasizes family values and ethics through inter-generational modeling and storytelling for stronger communities, nations, and humankind’s wholeness. Promote the spiritual aspect of parenting.

Additional contributing expertise include: American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) certifications in Integration of Foundations in Personal, Family, Community and Career Roles, Family Studies and Human Services, Human Development, Education and Services; NTE exams in Early Childhood; personal experience of raising three children; AMORC Child Culture Series: I-Prenatal, II-Infancy, III-Early Childhood; professional interest in ethnography and ethnology of family in cultural anthropology.

In 1996 she co-founded and remains co-director of Phuntsok Dechen Ling, an independent, USA, Tibetan Buddhist Centre, under the Drikung Kagyu Lineage, with the mission of researching science and healing.

In 1995, she facilitated a $98,000 Child Abuse Prevention grant for the Children’s Trust Fund of Texas, the first-ever thrust in SW Texas. The program focused on generational abuse prevention, encompassed 13,500 square miles, seeded and provided educational programs for children, and their extended family members.

Leah has co-owned, managed, and been a Logistics Resource Specialist © for businesses since 1974. She co-founded/co-owned a commercial design and photography studio for fifteen years that set design standards and received visual communication awards for its approach and service to the community. She worked as a Project Associate to develop the World of Work curriculum and write occupational exploration modules for national pilot testing at the National Center for Vocational & Technical Education based at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Leah also holds AAFCS certifications in Food, Lodging and Hospitality, Consumer and Resource Management, Environmental Design, and Textiles and Clothing. She has experience in real estate, renovation, historical and modern retrofitting, design, and remote green environmental construction. She co-owned and renovated an 1885 Victorian home, The Phuntsok House Bed and Breakfast Retreat, a Tibetan Buddhist themed B & B in Cincinnati, Ohio. The interior was designed as a life-affirming interactive Mandala [space/time/matter/energy continuum] vortex that afforded visitors the opportunity to reintegrate and raise their energetic structure to a higher vibration.

She received a Critical Differences for Women postgraduate scholarship from The Ohio State University in 1992. She is a spiritual student of life and serves on the metaphysical aide committee for a humanitarian organization. She transmuted her personal experiences with neglect, and emotional and physical abuse into one of light, love, and a powerful energy medicine practice. Leah Moon is a life-long supporter of women’s shelters, the invisible homeless, and abuse prevention of all ages.

Experience her root-cause-result-based energy practice by booking an appointment at, or calling 1-806-341-7106 directly.

“R Leah Moon is a deeply spiritual healing arts professional with a cutting-edge private practice.  She is a gifted international energetic healer who helps people, animals, places, and things with issues that affect their life, health, and well-being.  She is a talented facilitator of healing.  In her skillset she has the ability to help evoke that healing and bring it forward for the client. I highly recommend her services.
— Bob Nunley, PhD, Director of Admissions,
Co-Chair of Wisdom Council,

“I just want to say that you are a wonderful human being.  I am astounded at the work you did on Marion: Skilled, Compassionate, Understanding, Inspired, Brilliant, Thank You!”
— Reader comment from energy psychology article.