All-In-One Energy Sessions With NO LIMITS! 

Intuitive Healing     Cutting-Edge!


Intuitive Consultations
Ancient Shamanic Energy Medicine
Dimensional Integration
Visionary Innovations 

No need to figure anything out ahead of time – just get started! 

Leah has the ability to see and feel what is needed. All I had to do was let her know what I wanted and the work began. Thank you Leah for all your help! 

— Sharon C.

Grand solutions come from every direction!

Work with the “whole being” first and the issues often disappear!

Explore anything about yourself, your Life, Health, Well-being, and the World around you. Evolve Your Life Blueprint, and Discover Your Own Greater Healing.



My Client’s Manifest Brilliant Life Changes

Health, Healing, & Wholeness
Help for you and your family, your companion animals, and your friends.

All-inclusive Energy Sessions or choose to focus on specifics such as: Body Code, Reconnective Healing, Tune-Up, Week of Distant Energy Work, Absentee Session when you are busy, or a “Texting Session” on the go, and more!
Life Event Support

Everyone wants “Someone in Their Corner”. 

My clients use this during Exams, Meetings, Legal Proceedings, Weddings, Holidays, Family Gatherings …

Complement the Work You Do with Your Doctor

Use before medical or dental procedures to neutralize underlying energetic issues that may contribute to symptoms. Use during procedure for support. Use afterwards to help recuperative powers. 

Intuitive Consulting & Mentoring

Business, Professional, Personal Growth, Product & Scientific Development, Sports Performance, Artistic Expression, Balance Group Dynamics …

Take Back Your Power!

Who have you given your power away to? Energetically untangle yourself so you can respond from a new Safe, Balanced, & Peaceful Space.

Additional Focuses

Remote / Dimensional Viewing / Psychometrics / Guided Imagery /  Hypnosis / Energy Medicine / Energy Psychology

Spiritual & Ancestral

Enter this “New Era” with Love, Light & Joy!

  • Tools that empower you to navigate our new world and to unfold a rich new life.

  • Understand your own power and healing energies to take better care of you and enhance your life.

  • Refine your energy field. Increase the vibration of where you live.

  • “Honor” your Spiritual Nature and that of your Ancestors for a more sublime way of being.

  • Set up a resonance that supports you, your family, and your community.

Be a “touchstone” of greater wisdom at a Global Level! 

Ancient Shamanic Practices & Energy Medicine = Powerful Results!

  • Soul Retrievals to collect yourself back to wholeness.
  • Come into communion with who and what you are.
  • Turn wounds into sources of heart wisdom & compassion.
  • Clear the imprints of disease from the Luminous Energy Field.
  • Transmute heavy energies and emotions to the refined energy of Sami.
  • Connect with your Higher Self for a new way of living.
  • Reset fight / flight to feel safe.
  • Live in Harmony and Die Consciously.
The Way of the Shaman

Remember who you are! 
Listen to your self first and last!
                            – Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Transmute Houcha (heavy energies) to Sami (highly refined energies) to manifest a joyful, healthy, and creative life. Transform life issues, raise your frequency, and strengthen your energy field. Activate your Pineal & Pituitary glands. Reset your DNA energetics. 

Nothing is set for you until it is set by you!
            – Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Up-regulate the energy matrix that informs your body. Switch off the cellular death-clock with Nutrition, Biology and Neuroscience! “Create the conditions for health, so that disease goes away, or never happens.” – A. Villoldo


Feel more peace and internal quietude, think more clearly, and get where you want in life!

Be assured that wherever you start is just right! Our focus is on the underlying cause of your issues by any name. 

Expand, and manifest your life into possibilities you have yet to imagine!

Live from a New Foundation of Love, Well-Being, Creativity, and Right Livelihood!   

If you feel drawn to work with me, but lack the funds, contact me with your situation and/or exchange ideas. 

I often work with people that traditional medicine has failed to help so they can return to health and well-being. Many come to me after their funds have been exhausted and I still try to help them. 

Energy sessions do not stop when your appointment time ends!

The results can continue to unfold and integrate long after your session is over, for hours, days, months, and sometimes even years afterwards. Enjoy looking for the ongoing changes and subtle shifts in your life.