Pain Management

Energy healing has the potential to provide a powerful alternative to managing pain with drugs and pain killers. Energy practitioners are frequently sought out to ameliorate physical discomfort and chronic issues in the body. Many energy modalities have their own specific approach and resources to address this issue.

Some pain management related studies:

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Lymphology, ETF, Quantum Touch
Sarno Method: The Mind Body Prescription

John E Sarno, MD, has demonstrated an amazingly successful and easy approach to relieving pain in his patients. His approach is one that resonates with my energetic healing practice and the belief of the power of emotions stored in the body.

John Sarno, MD, believes that the pain and symptoms one may experience (if other organic causes are ruled out) are an unconscious “distraction” to help the unconscious repress deep emotional issues. He believes that when people think about what is bothering them in their unconscious, they can overcome their minds’ strategy to stifle these powerful emotions; when the pain, symptoms, and issues are realized for what they are, the symptoms become without purpose, and they go away.

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