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Get help with your Health, Business, and your Personal and Spiritual Growth. Those who find their way here are often seeking to unfold their life mission and need help with issues blocking their way. I hold space for you to access information and outcomes that were not previously available to you and to help you naturally resolve complex issues into solutions you have yet to imagine.

Certified, Qualified, Experienced facilitator of people, health, and healing. I have combined the years of study, degrees, practice, trainings, and certifications with my innate gifts to create a powerful result-based approach that allows you to experience unlimited possibilities in an easily accessible way. I am an ANMCB board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine* and hold a Master of Theology with emphasis in Spirituality and Holistic Health from Holos University Graduate Seminary. I hold a BS in Human Ecology from Ohio State University, state educator licenses, certifications in energy medicine and energy psychology methods, training in remote viewing, intuitive work, certified shamanic energy practitioner, and medicine woman. I also bring a new healing paradigm of Global Spiritual Transformation called Nous-Based Healing, NBH©. I only list these credentials because I want you to be aware you are in the good hands of an experienced, well-qualified International Intuitive Consultant, Healing Arts Professional, & Visionary Innovator.

You may observe changes as early as the energy exchange that sets your intentions for us to move forward. And, may continue to unfold and integrate long after your session is over, for hours, days, months, and sometimes even years afterwards. Cutting-Edge, One-of-a-Kind, Root-Cause, Result-Based with Great Outcomes! Sessions are done at a scheduled time from my dedicated office space via Phone / Skype / WhatsApp.

Which clients benefit? The best candidates for partnering with me and the ones who experience the greatest results in my Intuitive Consultations, Healing Work, and Visionary Innovations are those who come with the intention to move forward and a strong desire to participate in their own process. They understand they are engaging in a physical-emotional-spiritual reorganization that takes place on a multi-dimensional level that unfolds itself in a natural way. They most often achieve their goals to evolve in health, well-being, in personal, professional growth, and freedom.

Sessions Are More Than Linear Clock Time. This mutually catalyzed work includes inter and intra-dimensions, time/space, and space/time continuum. The work we do together continues to unfold to its own natural plateau, and may later continue again to another upward integrative spiral. You may experience an initial observable impact, or the subtle unseen energetic levels according to the priority of your body-mind-spirit.

As a Facilitator of  People and Healing, I help you evoke and bring forward harmony and wholeness in your life. 

My Scope of Practice

What I can do for you: I work at the holistic energetic level rather than symptomatically. My clients experience many wonderful results. I am not a replacement for the allopathic medical community and what they do for your body. They diagnose, treat, and prescribe for diseases and illnesses. Please refrain from asking me to do this if you have come for health issues as it is out of my scope of practice. I am a complement to their work.  

Most issues that are bothering you are candidates for energy workand often resolve quite nicely when your body-mind-spirit is ready. Your issues, whether business, finances, familial, emotional, or physical are just a label of a current expression for a temporary situation.

Our Beliefs Become our  Biology!

There are no limits to what we can do and expect in our lives! Some clients arrive here with complex issues, feel overwhelmed, hopeless, discouraged, and not sure they can be helped; and yet they are often the ones to experience great outcomes! Some clients, no matter what they say, do not want to move forward in their life, whether it is in their finances, life mission, or health issues. They wish to stay where they are due to secondary gains such as disability pensions, getting attention, or not take responsibility for themselves, etc., and no amount of money, or any kind of intervention is going to unblock them or bring them back to wholeness.

Each client approaches their sessions differently. Some clients have a series of sessions back-to-back, and some space their sessions farther apart. Some work with me during the same time period they are working with others so I can help guide them to achieve their best results. If you choose to use multiple energy practitioners, please make sure their approaches are synergistic, resonate to your highest good, and enhance and mutually support your goals. A good practitioner will be interested in all that you are doing and seek to support you. Those who have limited belief systems may not be the best choice for the outcomes you are seeking.

Why are there dramatic results and sometimes not? I have seen many people have dramatic results during and after a session. Even though I have seen many “3 minute miracles”, additional sessions may be needed to undo what the has accumulated over the years. Fortunately we are smart beings, and once we make the decision to move toward change we frequently experience rapid results in all areas of our life!

Reintegration, resolution, and relief for your business, finances, life, health, or wellbeing are a result of inner and outer harmony and alignment. It helps for you to be willing to let go of old issues and beliefs, and to set an intention of expectancy for great results. This can only raise your vibration, strengthen your intuition, and help you get more quickly to great resolutions. Wholeness and change happen most often when you are open and ready.

Outside of Clock Time!

This work is greater than a calendar date and time. Please set your expectations with this consideration in mind. Please honor the process as energetic work often occurs in a cumulative type action and response. I will do my best to keep our appointments on schedule and I know you will too. It may be necessary to schedule a follow-up session if time runs out.

I also offer optional Absentee Sessions that are done for you while you do your life! Efficient and powerful!  Use any time, or when you are busy, in place of a scheduled appointment, when you are “out of sorts”, or between sessions to speed up the process with yourself, with children, loved ones, friends, and companion animals.


Please be aware that requesting free intuitive consultations about health, business, people, animals, or situations creates an energy imbalance for both of us and is inappropriate. Kindly book a session for your questions or to discuss your research, findings, and theories.

Get Started!

An unprecedented opportunity to transform discordant energies [houcha] to positivity and love [sami] to manifest a joyful, healthy, and creative life.

After purchase you receive a link to a special Client Page with session tips. 

Leah is profoundly appreciated as a mentor and teacher by those who seek her assistance and guidance. Few practitioners draw on such a wide range of healing approaches, so each client’s experience is uniquely suited to their level of awareness and needs. I recommend Leah as a compassionate, skillful facilitator of well-being and optimum health.  

— Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., Consultant & Medical Intuitive (ABSMI)