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Case Studies: “EFT Universe Insight Newsletter”

EFT Techniques to Identify Well-Hidden Core Issues
Expert EFT practitioner R. Leah Moon gives a detailed account of a single EFT client session that illustrates two techniques she developed called the Anchor and Wander Technique and the Toggle Algorithm, which help identify core issues and aspects in the midst of client rambling.

Refinements to EFT:  Aspects, Core Issues, and the “Anchor and Wander” Technique
In this article, EFT practitioner R. Leah Moon, who is also a naturopath and pastoral therapist, illustrates how she integrates EFT with the techniques of Active Listening and Mirroring along with a technique she developed called “Anchor and Wander,” which was very helpful in honoring and at the same time grounding her client’s rambling and ranting approach to “Telling the Story.”

Traumas and PTSD:  From Birth to University Politics and Dissertations
Roberta Leah Moon shares an in-depth case study detailing the work she did with a client who is reluctant to acknowledge that there was an issue with his birth, even though the signs pointed there. She gently leads him to clear all the lock-in sensations of the moment he came into the world, with amazing results for both.

Fears and Phobias; Brown Paper Bags, Pillows, and More
An interesting case study submitted by Roberta Leah Moon illustrates how apparent issues are connected to deeply held memories. Once connection is made, EFT rapidly releases the fears stored in the energy system, freeing the client of his restrictive phobia.

EFT for Relationship Difficulties from Childhood Abuse
In this article, Energy Healer, R Leah Moon shares an in-depth case study detailing the work she did with a client who was experiencing relationship difficulties. She gently leads, the client from a vague sensation to specific traumatic events, where the client finds that her real Core Issues was childhood abuse.

EFT Helps Accident Trauma
R Leah Moon, EFT INT-1 shares her work with a client who was suffering from accident trauma and how an aspect surfaced at the end of the session that reveals some serious family issues that did not present themselves in the beginning. A classic EFT case study with freeing results that open a new door to discovering deep family issues.

Other Articles:

Feng Shui Heart

A Brief Introduction to Feng Shui, its application, and how it may maximize life forces and the physical environment we live in. Feng Shui is the art of making space life affirming. The art and science of compassion applied to the formation of lIfe affirming space.

Recipes from The Heart

Favorite recipes from our B&B, The Phuntsok House, Bed, Breakfast & Retreat. Pamela Lanier published them in her travel guides. Original recipes from B&B website:

Masters Essays: Essays on the Healing Continuum – R. Leah Moon, ThM

Growth dictates we are in a constant state of “realigning.” The apparent chaos is just that. Underlying, unseen is an exactness preparing to rise like the phoenix from the illusion of ashes. It is a precise process in which we are the witness of the results: the butterfly emerging to flap its wings to be felt round the world. We are both the process and the witness. Email for copy.

Manufacturing Production:

An Evaluation Report For The Occupational Exploration Program. The Center for Vocational Education, The Ohio State University. Performed pursuant to a grant from the National Institute of Education, DEpartment of Health, Education, and Welfare. Email for copy.

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Design Emphasis: Tibetan Buddhist international research monastery that also housed, The Phuntsok House Bed, Breakfast, & Retreat.
Note: This site has run continuously without repair since 2002. It still holds energy and radiates the original intent as the geographic Feng Shui Heart of Cincinnati, Ohio as a way to help heal the strife-ridden city. While the facility is closed, the website is still doing its job. The placement and content of the site is energized and contains subtle forces and energies that one can derive benefit from – and all are welcome and invited to view and interact with a living Mandala of loving intention.

Phuntsok Dechen Ling, Co-Founder/Owner
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Spring Newsletter 

Holos University Graduate Seminary 
R. Leah Moon, HU graduate student
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Body Code Practitioner Spotlight with R Leah Moon
Article: – August 9, 2012  – Featured Practitioner

Amarillo, Texas’ very own Body/Emotion Code Practitioner, R. Leah Moon, has nabbed this week’s Spotlight. She shares stories of healing a kitty, and a young lady from their injuries. She also gives advice for those new to using The Emotion Code.





How long have you been practicing The Emotion Code?
I have been using “energy testing” for approximately … 
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