Apex Effect

It is common for clients to feel they are not making any progress when they are actually making great strides! This is due to the Apex Phenomenon Effect, a wonderful benefit for the client, but a sometimes frustrating side effect for the practitioner.

What is going on? Energy medicine and energy psychology often dissolve issues to such a complete level that the client does not readily remember their original issue or symptom. They often explain away their amazing results by attributing it to other reasons.

One of my earlier experiences with this phenomenon is a client who contacted me right after hitting a deer on the highway. She nearly totaled her car. Afterwards, she was shaken, had to fly home, her life was not making sense, and her spirit repeatedly tested out of her body from the impact. We did three sessions over the next several days, one Absentee, and two on the phone. After that, she referred to the accident only once, a year later, as a “fender bender”. She now claims they weren’t even sure they had hit anything initially, despite the extensive damage to the car, and the need to leave it for weeks of repair.

It is not uncommon to have the client resolve issues and attribute it to somethings else other than the work we have done together. Clients may begin the session with fearful concerns, “I’m going to get fired.” (7 out of 10 level of discomfort), physical discomforts such as a kinked neck that hurts (9 out of 10 level of discomfort), irritation about a relationship (8 out of 10 level of discomfort) ….

At the end of the session(s), their issues are often significantly reduced to a 1 or 2 level of discomfort or have disappeared! They often say it is because, “You distracted Me.” or “It was Hypnosis.” or “I lost all my charge on it because you made me laugh.” At the beginning of the session they are climbing the walls, and at the end of the session they don’t think it was ever a big deal!

Energy Sessions are cumulative. While we often have one minute miracles, the process and results can also be subtle and manifest in a profoundly positive way over time at the deepest level. The cumulative process often creates such comfort and balance that the disturbing memories and symptoms fade. I suggest you keep a dated log that contains each issue along with its level of discomfort (SUDS 1-10) because you will want to see how much you have put behind you and how far you have truly come!

Remember that sessions do not stop when your appointment is over. The results can continue to unfold and integrate long after your session ends, for hours, days, months, and sometimes even years afterwards. Enjoy looking for the subtle changes and shifts in your life. Come back to post them as they unfold for you.