After & Between Sessions

After a session, your body-mind-spirit is busy integrating and re-balancing.
While most everyone does process after a session, only twenty percent seem to be aware of it for a day or two, and many do not feel anything. You may notice a lighter versions of sensations that occurred during your session, or feel a bit out of sorts, have changes in your sleeping pattern, more vivid dreams, or some mild emotional ups and downs that are not normal for you.

Keep yourself hydrated with water, eat healthy, give your body the rest it needs, avoid confrontations, distressing situations, and allow your energy body the time to reset itself while you are processing. Please give yourself the space and time as you would after any life change or medical procedure.

Be aware what comes up as you go through your week. Spikes in emotions, reactions, feelings, sensations, thought patterns … are indicators that you are processing and also that there may be more issues to track down. Your feelings, thoughts and sensations are important clues as you transform heavy underlying energies to ones of “high vibration” Sami.

These reactions and response may recede and return when another aspect presents itself. Think of the old fashioned Pez dispenser where another candy pops up from underneath as soon as one is removed. Please view the process as a positive signal that you are giving to yourself that you are integrating, moving to a higher frequency, and getting ready for the next session.

Please don’t feel or have the expectation for yourself that just because we have identified stressful life events or negative patterns that you now must go to a zero. While that frequently happens during sessions, and in all probability will happen soon, this is a process and we are unraveling a lifetime of issues that have a specific order in mind.

Remember you are in “process” and your experiences and feedback are gold nuggets we can use as a springboard in our future sessions. Energy sessions are powerful, subtle, and a long-lasting way to facilitate changes to your life, health, and wellbeing. Please honor the energetic nature of the work we are doing together. and enjoy the benefits as they continue to unfold. You are also welcome to schedule a session sooner than your next scheduled appointment.

Clients experience many, many, positive life changes: freedom from previous chronic conditions in the body, empowerment in their life, freedom from charged reactions and fearful situations, powerful new problem solving skills that they never dreamed they would have, new or renewed relationships, and so much more ….

Please take responsibility for yourself and consult the appropriate medical professional should you feel the need.

Remember to be kind to yourself as you grow, learn, and reintegrate.


Some information from Bradley Nelson, DC,