Be Set Free Fast

BE SET FREE FAST, BSFF, is a fun, easy to learn, potent, self-help energy psychology tool. [1]  I teach and use BSFF in my healing arts practice because it is an elegant process that enhances my result-based energy healing approach.

Certificate of Training: Basic Practitioner of BSFF


Larry P. Nims, PhD, founder of BSFF: It is a potent, easy to learn and use, self-help energy medicine psychology tool. It “treats by accessing and redirecting the subconscious (unconscious) mind with one simple treatment step to eliminate each identified problem.” BSFF includes a onetime set of instructions to the subconscious, a “cue word,” energy testing, and a closing sequence.

About BSFF:
“A highly focused Energy Therapy method for eliminating the emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems that are embedded in the subconscious mind, and which automatically determine and control most of our experience, self-expression and behavior. These unresolved negative emotions and beliefs create and maintain psychological and physical symptoms, which automatically result in mental, emotional, physical, energetic spiritual and life adjustment problems, including many medical, and health problems. BSFF eliminates these subconscious programs quickly and gently.”

BSFF directly addresses the subconscious processes that establish and trigger debilitating and dysfunctional reactions. It rapidly and gently eliminates problems, even when the person does not know what the problems are. All that is required is that the client notice a “problem” with their conscious mind. Focusing conscious attention on the problem during treatment is not required.

BE SET FREE FAST℠ is a descriptive acronym for “Behavioral & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness & Trauma.”

How It Works:
Using thought energy and the power of the subconscious mind, BSFF requires only one simple treatment step to access and use the power of the subconscious mind to eliminate every identified problem. Amazingly such problems as fears, phobias, angers, sadness, procrastination and unforgiveness are gently and quickly eliminated. The same simple step is used to eliminate multiple problems that can cause a treated problem to return.

Get your basics including a “cue word,” instructions to your subconscious, and closing sequence to begin using BSFF. Then hone your skills by refining and practicing the technique while clearing your problems and issues. Learn when and how Stoppers and Fail-safes may block your progress. Take away a deeper understanding of the BSFF process as your new self-help tool.

The simple, gentle BSFF procedure was developed and refined over the past sixteen years by Larry Phillip Nims, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who was trained in the “Callahan Techniques” in 1990. Dr. Nims was among the first few professionals trained by Dr. Callahan, and has been in the forefront of new developments in the Energy Therapies.

[1] This quote and excerpts below are reprinted with permission from Larry P. Nims, PhD, founder of BSFF.

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