BS Human Ecology



The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology

My definition of the spiritual nature of a Human Ecologist within the field of Human Ecology:

“One who seeks to understand and optimize the relationship between man and his environment. An integral study that facilitates understanding the relationship of ourselves with the sentience of the Earth as an entity, where we live, and how to interact with and within our geographic day-to-day surroundings.”©

Human  Ecology as defined by The Ohio State University,

“The development of knowledge, perception, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand society’s traditions and past, its accomplishments and aspirations, its relation and responsibility to the natural world, its diversity and plurality, and its problems and needs. The goal is for you to attain a sense of self within society that invites a continuing desire and ability to learn and work with others for future realization of the human potential.”[1]

How they come together:

A life knowledge base that helps others realize their highest well-being.
An alignment with healing as realization of human potential. ©

[1] The Ohio State University, “Majors and Programs,” accessed June 17, 2013,