A Therapeutician is a practitioner of therapeutics whose systems of beliefs, practices, and teachings on health, healing, and medicine are transcendental (supernatural); associated with ancient, hidden, initiatory, and/or extant spiritual paths and metaphysical traditions that are preserved in the ancient wisdom schools.  -Dr. Charles McWilliams, PanAmerican University of Natural Medicine

Registered Therpeutician:
Tibetan Buddhism: Medicine Buddha, Tantrayana
The Ancient And Mystical Order Rosae Crucis

Therapeutae Ministry: School of Metaphysics and Healing; Shamanic, esoteric and metaphysical studies at the source and soul level. Intrinsic skills to wholeness in all dimensions.  Rarified, forgotten, and lost healing information is the awakening of the circle back to the present.  We meet ourselves coming in while going out to rediscover and redeem the old into the new and back again. A specialized system of beliefs associated with the ancient wisdom schools.