My natural gifts and formal training as a Certified Medium, CM, are a potent combination that enhances my client sessions. This blend of skills facilitates healing of relationships for my clients, as well as their deceased loved ones, DLO. Emotional, physical, psychological and chronic issues, in the body-mind-spirit, are often inherited. My ability to work in the dimensions, across time, helps identify the underlying causes and more quickly move toward resolution.

Certified Medium, CM: I prayerfully conduct cosmic readings for the purpose of bringing healing and closure about deceased loved ones, DLO. Sessions are generally done in my private practice utilizing clairvoyance, discernment of spirit, and accurate readings while receiving details to verify and validate the reading to the client; and to be a clear channel between client and spirit world.

History: Clinical psychologist, Doreen Virtue, PHD, developed this program to train and fulfill the need for Light Workers to bring healing and closure about deceased loved ones.