Three Dimensional Therapy (T3)

Gwen S. Legler, MSW & Leilani A. Alexander, BS

The ability to go deep into the client’s subconscious where faulty belief systems are operating. The major part of T3 is working with Core Belief Systems, identifying and eliminating faulty ones and replacing them with empowering ones. The T3 program also includes a book on handwriting and a “Buried Alive Emotions” flip chart of emotions.

My passion to find the most efficacious healing approach finds me continually researching and T3 was a contributing study and step. Below are my personal reflections of the modality as one of the many pieces of the larger picture of my energy medicine practice. (sans T3 certification)

The study and understanding of core beliefs underlies many energy medicine and energy psychology approaches to healing. The creator of the Body and Emotion Code, Bradley Nelson, DC, is intimately connected with T3 and also uses it in his program. This relationship, and the references to T3 in the Body Code led me and other of his certified students to study the Three Dimensional Therapy program by Legler and Alexander.

The combination of T3 and Body Code are a synergistic combination and probably why they are often studied together. The overlap between T3  and The Body Code reinforced my knowledge base. It was helpful at the time to think outside the box to expand my ability to identify underlying causes.

While the Body/Emotion Code is incredibly comprehensive, T3 founder, Legler, along with her later partner, Alexander, developed some understanding and protocols that The Body Code was unable to yet include in their program. The greater depth of these specific protocols allows one to enhance client success in these identified areas. Additionally, T3 has some analysis that is not readily available from other sources to-date. They include analysis and neutralization of:  Obsession, Sabotage, Parallel Belief System, Cording, Love Language, Moving the Past, Conception Energy, Vanishing Twin, Brain System.