Life Alignment

Practical and simple vibrational healing system from Jeff Levine that uses subtle energy vortex cards to balance the body, kinesiology, a pendulum, and also helps you discover your soul’s true purpose. The mind controls the body, and our self-limiting beliefs and repressed feelings are the real root cause of illness.

Life Alignment – A System of Healing and Transformation

Workshop Completed: Overview of energy medicine and vibrational healing while gaining specific tools in the Life Alignment system of energy healing.

Life Alignment is a practical and simple system developed by Jeff Levin and taught worldwide since 1991. It accesses the body like a computer to identify and energetically correct the causes of imbalance in the body. Helps to gently access and release the effect of unresolved experience and traumas as well as limiting beliefs and negative programming. Emphasizes working by priority to support healing.