Helpful Information and Policies

Client Forms

You receive a link to “everything you need for a great session” when you schedule for your first time.

The Client Agreement has important information in it for you to read. You can click the Client Agreement box when you schedule online to constitute an electronic signature. You can also download it to your computer.  An electronically signed copy is required to receive services.

General Service Policy

The nature of energy work can cause some sessions to be a little longer than fifty minutes and some shorter. We will do our best to keep our appointments on schedule and we know you will too. It may be necessary to schedule a follow-up session if time runs out.

Please call in at your appointment time. You are charged for missed appointments. It is your responsibility to make your session time complete and productive.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone.
Client Agreement is needed to receive services.

Gift Certificates – happily transferable – nonrefundable.
Unused sessions and gift certificates expire in six months, 180 days.

Everyone is different! The kind of session you experience depends upon your focus, session type, what your body says it needs for the day, and where you are in your life journey. Your body receives and uses the energy according to its own priority. It is quite common to gain greater clarity and results over time as your body processes the information. Remember to be kind to yourself. Take good care of you. Eat and drink what your body tells you it needs, rest when you need to, laugh and find joy.

Payment Policy

All services are prepaid before scheduling a session.

Payment Options
Most forms of payment are accepted. Call with questions.

Time, Phone, & Email Policies

Occasionally a session runs beyond the booked time. I will note this to you; give you the choice to continue for an additional charge, if our schedules permit, or to close the session in an appropriate manner. Sessions ~ 52 minutes. Half Session ~ 26 minutes.

Packages: There may be one or several occasions when we mutually agree to extend a session time. This will be subtracted from the last session in the package and then each remaining session before it as needed accordingly. You may also provide a debit or credit card at the end of the call, use the one you have on file with me for the extra time, or deduct it from time remaining on your package or subscription account. Appointment overages are billed at the session rate divided by the extra time used in 5 minute increments.

I am glad to provide a five-minute follow-up by phone or email between your appointments if we have not already gone over in our session time. If the question needs more time and careful attention than a five minute or so conversation, we can schedule another session to continue.

Due to the nature of energy work, calls and emails needing longer than five minutes are billed in five minute increments. You may provide a debit or credit card at the end of the call or use the one you have on file with me. In the case of email, please be sure you have already placed a form of payment on file with me before sending an email that requires a detailed response.

It is your responsibility to make your session time complete and productive.

Missed Appointments

SWITCH TO AN ABSENTEE SESSION rather than reschedule.  Notify me directly by both phone and email before your session start time to use this option.

1-806-341-7106     Email

Time Looping – not available when you notify me after your scheduled appointment – I cannot backup time for your session.

I will take into consideration and try to accommodate unforeseen schedule changes and life events whenever possible and within reason.  Special circumstances may apply on individual or prearranged basis.

If you find you must reschedule your appointment, please call and email in writing no less than 72 hours before your appointment time.

A full session fee is retained for any notification of 72 hours or less unless you have requested an Absentee session by appointment time.

Please notify us by calling and emailing in writing.

Since we provide a global service, we are not responsible for your un-received phone or email messages, weather, your internet provider’s connection or phone company’s reliability. All no-shows are charged for the full session fee.  Please then re-enter the web scheduler to book another time with new payment to secure an appointment.

We will do our best to be flexible within reason. Special circumstances may apply on individual or prearranged basis.

If a reschedule is missed the session is considered fulfilled and charged in full.

Of course there is no charge for rescheduling should we be responsible for the cancellation and you will be free to choose a new appointment time.

Refund Policy

Subtle energy work is multi-dimensional and often not observable until after some time has past. Everyone is different. You may experience dramatic changes as early as when you make an energy exchange, schedule, during, after, or in-between sessions. Know that the more subtle work has an ordered sequence, is linked to your higher self, and therefore continues to unfold for a long time after your appointments.

Due to this nature of energy work there are no full or partial refunds. Leah is a facilitator of the energy process and helps you bring forward your unrealized potential.  It is your responsibility to make your session time complete and productive.

Recording Policy

Recording of sessions is not permitted.