Master of Theology with Ordination

Integration is a guiding principle of Holos University Graduate Seminary and also in my energetic healing practice. Integration that emphasizes the crucial interconnected components of body, mind, and spirit, in support of subtle energy and spiritual healing approaches to holistic health and well-being in individuals and communities.  Ultimately, this is the foundation of holistic healthcare and spiritual healing.


ThM, Master of Theology in Spirituality and Holistic Health


Ordained Minister: All Faiths Church of Spirituality and Health
Supporting the interrelated aspects of spirituality and health.


Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU),

Holos University Graduate Seminary Mission Statement:

Holos University Graduate Seminary prepares students to integrate Universal Principles of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, and Holistic Health through self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and compassionate service.

What is it to be human?  How can we effectively address the many dimensions of being human in order to create health and wholeness, for ourselves, for the planet, and for all sentient beings? 

The mystical traditions of virtually all religions contain substantial references that address the subtle physical energies of the body, the transpersonal aspects of the mind, and the expressive activity of the spirit.  These traditions exist at the very core of holistic mysticism, spiritual direction, counseling intuition, transformational psychology, and integrative healthcare.  Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) emphasizes ecumenical spiritual approaches that fulfill a growing need for an inclusive, holistic, and creative approach to life in contemporary communities.

As a Seminary, HU focuses upon the spiritual aspects of its studies and research.  As a University, HU strives to uphold the highest academic standards in teaching and research and seeks to serve as a bridge between academic, scientific, and religious institutions.  The educational design of the HU program, centered on these basic tenets, inevitably leads to a new, broader, and more expansive understanding of subtle energies, consciousness and human transformation.


  1. THEOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDINGS that demonstrate an appreciation for the essential teachings of the world’s great religions and a broad ecumenical, interpersonal, and cross-cultural understanding of faith and spirituality.
  2. COMPETENCY in holistic health that supports creative personal growth, life-long learning, and competence in holistically oriented physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.
  3. CRITICAL THINKING AND CLEAR COMMUNICATION that promote competence in independent scholarly and scientific explorations and research using rigorous protocols, and that enhance an ability to articulate effectively intellectual, theological, subtle energy, and spiritual concepts and values.
  4. CULTURAL SENSITIVITY that demonstrates an appreciation for and support of diversity among students and faculty in religious, ethnic, racial, cultural, and spiritual values.