My Nous-Based Healing© (NBH), Nous Essence Alignment Techniques© (NEAT), Specialized Generalist© (SpG), processes, tools, techniques, and wordings are uniquely mine.  Some of the general observations, summaries, information, labels, and overview statements about energy medicine psychology are more universal as those of us in the field are all seeking to move to a higher ground in healing.

It is my belief and my heart-centered knowingness, that the information you read about my services and tools, the concepts, and the associated skills, seen and unseen, came with me when I came into this world.  Their sharing is a part of my larger spiritual calling, vision, and mission for greater wholeness.

The field of energy psychology/medicine/healing is growing rapidly, with many people simultaneously developing related modalities.  It is not uncommon for books, discoveries, and inventions to come to fruition with several people producing nearly identical items at the same time.  It is worthy to note that this may result in similar wording or statements but not always with the same meaning.

Any alleged use of proprietary information is unintentional.  Therefore, please contact me if you need to discuss any wording that you feel is yours exclusively and needs to be referenced to you.


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