Absentee Sessions

A Special Perk Just For My Clients!

Absentee sessions are done for you while you do your life. They are done at the energetic level. My clients say they find them more powerful than in-person because of the great outcomes they experience and often request them.

Everything is the same as a regular session except you do not have to be available either in-person, on the phone, or at a set time, and you get all the wonderful benefits of having received an energy session!

Who Uses Absentee Sessions?

  • Big time zone differences, different mother tongue, or language barrier.
  • Too busy to schedule & still want the benefits from a session.
  • Between sessions as part of your program, or to increase your pace.
  • Like to do two things at once, or like to be free of time constraints.
  • Get a lot done while you are busy doing your life.

Can’t keep your regular appointment? No Problem! Convert to an Absentee Session right up to your session time. Notify me by BOTH phone (1-806-341-7106) AND Email to make sure I get your message.

I can easily do your Absentee session with just your name, or based on your client history form, or where we stopped at our last session, or you can choose a specific focus.

You may or may not be aware of when your session is taking place. You will be processing all the same as if we had a phone or in-person appointment.

You can receive an absentee session while you: 

Workout at the gym, spend time with your spouse, kids, grandchildren, or companion animals – they all can have absentee sessions too!

Give a speech, presentation, or finish a project.

Take an exam, a nap, walk, run, go traveling, or climb a mountain.

Have a romantic dinner, get married, divorced, drive across country.

Write that long overdue book – release emotions blocking your writing.