Another Session?

Your energetic body needs time to reintegrate after each session. It is important to let it tell us what it wants when we are done. At the end of each appointment we can ask how long to wait before another session and how long you will be processing. The average answer is often between six and forty-eight hours for the first layer of processing. Be aware you may receive additional time frames for the subtler layers of integration. Remember we are working beyond clock and linear time.

Think of yourself as a full glass at the conclusion of a session. You can’t pour anymore into it until you have processed what you have done. After that, there is again space in the glass. You won’t likely find anything to work on if you try to do another session before you are ready. Everyone is different, some people may want to have several sessions close together, and some people only one session a month. Trust your higher self, it will tell us how long it needs to process what we have done, and when it wants to continue.