Steps To Heal Body – Mind – Spirit

Where do I start?    What do I need to do?    Who can help me?

Many people do not know where to start and what they need to do to return to health, wholeness and a vibrant life. Everyone has an individual path that will lead them to this new space. Here’s how to find the “You Are Here” on the map and get you started so you can move to a new energetic level and leave the old behind.

I can guide you through these steps and help you identify your priority issues so you can feel better, think more clearly, and get what you want in life now!

Below are nine steps that can help put YOU in charge of your own optimal well-being. Read and familiarize yourself with each of the nine steps so they can become a reference tool for you. Take the time to learn what you need from each of the nine. Learn about new techniques, ways to eat, think, how to reduce stress, and how to empower yourself from here on out. 

Pull them altogether to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Give yourself the gift of learning how to become the CEO and director of your own well-being. Then you can create a beautiful new you for the rest of your life.




Biological Dentistry

We now understand more about the relationship between the mouth and the diseases we have in our body. The teeth are alive. Each tooth has its own nerve, a dedicated blood supply, and several miles of tubules that respond to what we eat.

Find a biological dentist who can help you with mercury fillings, root canals, cavitations, and periodontal issues that may be contributing to or underlying your health issues.



Doctor [ND]
Chiropractor [DC]

Naturopathic Doctor [ND] and a Chiropractor [DC]

Naturopathy is a natural drugless alternative health approach. I use it as a foundation in my energy healing practice. Food, air, relaxation, sun, sleep, herbs, and essential oils are adapted to the best combination for each individual case.  Naturopathy is a large area of study that includes many specialties with the same goal to increase the vital life force. (What I use at bottom of page.)

Find a naturopath who can help you learn ways to reduce the toxins in your environment and support your body in our world today. Find a chiropractor who understands nutrition, practices full spinal adjustments and believes in gentle alignments rather than symptomatic adjustment.



Ancient Shamanic Practices
Energy Medicine  
Powerful Results


Ancient Shamanic Practices & Energy Medicine
Powerful Results

Ancient Shamanic Practices and Energy Medicine are a collection of global energy healing modalities that emphasize healing through re-balancing the body’s energies and systems. 

Our energies can become tangled just like an old box of Christmas tree lights. These distortions may be the underlying cause of emotional woundsphysical, or spiritual pain, and illness. [1] Energy practitioners are often experts in helping you learn tools to transmute stress from past events and present issues so you can live a fuller life that is often free of previous symptoms.

I have seen many dramatic recoveries! Shamanic Energy Medicine and energetic psychology are a large component of my healing arts practice using techniques from around the world. Find a certified EMP who specializes in the area you need.



Integrative Health Care Provider
[DO, MD]

Integrative Health Care Provider [DO, MD]

Integrative Medicine combines mainstream medical therapies and complementary and alternative medicine for which there is a scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness…with a focus to healing rather than managing diseases. 

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to health care that addresses the underlying root cause of disease…looks at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors … acknowledges that chronic disease is almost always preceded by a lengthy period of declining function in one or more of the body systems…seeks to restore health by re-storing balance and function to the body systems involved.[2]



Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way we manage our wellness. Only use the highest quality oils for you and your family. Learn about the positive energetic properties of essential oils and how they can help you emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Learn ways to support the immune system through the cold winter months, how to make your own chemical free soaps and dryer sheets, etc…





Herbology heals at the physical (symptomatic) and energetic (unseen) level. All peoples on the face of this earth, all races and nations have made use of herbs for both food and cure. 

Botanical application and studies were the first source of health remediation. For thousands of years medicinal plants have continued to be the first choice for alleviating human suffering and are at the core of promoting health and well-being. Find a certified herbalist to help you learn how to use these beautiful gifts from nature. [3] Learn about plants and supplements that can repair your body.



Clean Food
Healthy Digestive System

Clean Food & Healthy Digestive System

Many diseases begin in the bowel. “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Eat a “Clean Diet” free of GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals. Support your health by using whole food organic supplements.

Find clean sources of food and buy as much organic as possible. Educate yourself about how the digestive system works and acts as our third heart. Find a practitioner who understands the relationship of disease with digestion, food, and the inflammation process in your body.



Stress Reduction

Spirituality, Support, and Stress Reduction

Spirituality, Support, and Stress Reduction are keys to healing and returning to health! 60% to 90% of today’s medical problems appear to be related to the mind-body-stress where drugs and surgery don’t work. 

We need a combination of family and community support in our healing while we seek to reduce those stress factors in our lives that may be keeping us in a less than optimal state. Isolation and stress are powerful disease factors – more than we can imagine! Find support wherever you can and learn stress reduction skills from the kinds of practitioners listed here.




“You Are Worth It” Learn about how your body works, how to use tests like thermography and blood work to keep you healthy and prevent serious issues from developing. 

Find out what chemicals are in your local water and whether it is fluoridated. How is the air quality where you live?  Are they spraying pesticides or herbicides? Do you have a local farmers market that sells organic produce? Learn how to use herbs and essential oils to support your health. Do you have an integrative doctor you can go to help you see the whole picture.

Find a Shaman and Energy Medicine Practitioner to help you learn to transform the stress and the issues stored in your body that may drain you and prevent your return to health. Find a Naturopath to you help you learn how to use a natural approach, reduce the toxic load on your body, and live in a clean natural way. Find a healthy diet tailored to you. Learn if your teeth and gums are the cause of health issues. Learn about epigenetics – it is possible for you to rewrite your software code rather than being stuck with the old programming.



Do This First

Do This First & Last:

Listen, Learn, Grow!
Become Radiant in Your Living!
Fill Yourself
Gratitude, Appreciation,

Then Send It Out to the World!


Sharing My Supplements!

My own personal regimen based on my gender, age, life style, current health … is an iodine supplement (Lugol’s Iodine) and a comprehensive whole food all-in-one herb and organic supplement (Core + Osteo). I was able to clear many supplement bottles out of my cupboard because of its inclusive nature.  Both can be found here. Each person is different and it is your due diligence and legally imperative that you check with your own health care provider first.  

*Note: Healing and changing one’s life can be a challenge. Some people become fearful when they begin to heal and subconsciously slow or stop their progress because they are afraid of what their life will be when the familiar dis-ease or habit is gone. Some couples stop working when they see their partner begin to change and realize it means they will have to change too.

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