What Is Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is here now!  It works with the subtle energies of the body to help re-balance and relieve the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances. There is a movement of increasing use of energy techniques and therapies as more people become aware of the instrumental role stress plays in disease. [1]

60% to 90% of today’s medical problems appear to be related to the mind-body-stress where drugs and surgery don’t work.
It’s possible for you to rewrite your software code rather than being stuck with the old programming.
Over time, our beliefs become our biology.*

It’s all pretty simple when one moves from a matter model to an energy model. Our energies can become tangled just like an old box of Christmas tree lights. Together, it is possible for us to untangle the distorted subtle energy systems in your body that may be causing emotional or physical discomfort.[1]

Energy medicine has many names: Consciousness-based healing, energy healing, energy techniques, energy therapies, energy modalities etc… These terms describe the tools in an energy medicine practitioner’s toolbox. [2]

We are energy – we are all energetic beings:  We are all familiar with the hospital tests such as the EEG’s of the brain, the EKG’s of the heart, the MRI’s, and the Pet scans.  Fifty years ago no one would have believed we would be able to see inside the body by lying quietly in a long tube.  We can detect defects in an unborn baby.  We are energetic beings and science is learning about our human energy system, and how to support the body to bring these subtle energies back into a balance that promotes wholeness and health. [3]

Energy medicine makes no direct claim to diagnose, cure or treat any disease and is not a substitute for seeking appropriate medical treatment from a licensed physician.  It is directed toward rebalancing the mind-body-spirit imbalance that may be underlying or contributing to the diseases or symptoms. [4]

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*Quote probably attributed to Bruce Lipton.