Products & Educational Summits

This information is here because I want to share my knowledge of it with you. Please be advised it is for educational purposes only and there are many other products available other than the ones listed here. Finding “good stuff” can be difficult, time-consuming, and requires a large knowledge base. There could be some instances where I could receive compensation from product sales, although that has yet to happen. Please read my Disclaimer.


Organic Supplements
Buy organic whole food supplements w/o isolates.

My own personal regimen based on my gender, age, life style, current health … is an iodine supplement (Lugol’s Iodine) and a comprehensive whole food all-in-one herb and organic supplement (Core + Osteo). I was able to clear many supplement bottles out of my cupboard because of its inclusive nature.  Both can be found here. Each person is different and it is your due diligence and legally imperative that you check with your own health care provider first.

Essential Oils
It is important to buy only pure oils from reputable companies who specifically certify they use only pure essential oils. Please use caution because you could be absorbing and inhaling toxic chemicals instead of pure essential oils.

Find These Items Locally Or Online!

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade – available at local health food stores)

Free download: Diatomaceous Earth Many Uses

Free download: Diatomaceous Earth MSDS for Fossil Shell Flour

An inexpensive nontoxic solution. Some people say they have used it for bed bugs, parasites, ants, beetles, spiders, scorpions, around plants in gardens, around foundations, as an anti-caking agent …

“My dog and I take it together.”

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

Free download: Peroxide “Uses” sheet that was in my order of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Health Summits May Change Your Life By Listening To Them

Summits have a wealth of information and may be life-changing for people who want to move to a new way of living! Most summits have introductory free lectures and gifts. Some are setup so you have several free days to listen. They can be cutting-edge informative and I have purchased some of them for reference. Some also come with transcripts. There are an incredible number of summits out there that feature the latest researcher and results. Please be advised to use your own discretion as to the validity of each one and how it will meet your needs.

Start by Googling these:

You Wealth Revolution – Energy & Life Transformation Summit
Women’s Wellness Summit 
Holistic Oral Health Summit – 1 of 9 healing steps Lecture
Essential Oils Summit – 1 of the 9 healing steps.
The Gluten Summit