The Art of Lymphasizing is based on the lymphatic system and how it relates to disease and healing. It is the proper and effective utilization of many of the natural healing arts to greatly increase their efficacy. It is the understanding of the Life Processes, the cause of the Death Process and what speeds it up, Pure Laws and Principals of Prevention, and Lymphasing to bring an easy, effective, efficient and inexpensive resolution to many diseases, pain and accidents. Stephen E. West says “If you can understand the process, you can perform the miracle.” In his seminars he demonstrates necks, hips, and bones going back in place. What practitioner would not want that kind of information to share with their clients!  Stephen E. West, PMD

Certified Lymphologist
Clarity University
Stephen E. West, PMD

Teaching and sharing Lymphology was the passion and dedication of founder, C. Samuel West, DN, ND, PMD, Chemist and Lymphologist. The underlying emphasis of his work was the sodium potassium pump for which he was a Nobel Prize Nominee. Today his son, Stephen E. West, PMD carries on his teaching and work around the world.

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