Licensed Educator

Expertise in teaching adds a critical core layer to an energy worker’s effectiveness.  Underpinning an effective healer is their proficiency in teaching. It allows them to understand how to join with the client in their wellness process.



Current Educator Licenses:

High School (7-12)
Home Economics
Vocational Education
Homemaking and Consumer Education

Teaching skills are the main tools for a 21st century healer. It is essential and additive to know what, when, where, and how to engage teaching techniques for the client to enable them to their highest potential. Healing body-mind-spirit is a learning process and our teaching skills are fundamental to supporting the client in their own healing journey.

The word ‘doctor’ comes from the Latin word docere meaning ‘to teach’.[i]

Naturopathic counselors educate others in natural and organic methods to encourage maximal health with optimal wellness and longevity.  The naturopathic methodology is directed toward holism with emphasis on sustaining wellness while actively engaging in prevention of disease.[ii]


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