Specialty Sessions to help you get where you want to be!

The Tune-Up A single distant session done for you to facilitate more harmonious alignment in life for you, your animals, home, workplace, cities, groups of people, and our world. You receive Tune-Up energies during your specified day without appointment time.

We have not been taught to take care of our “energy selves. We all need a “Tune-Up” regularly just like an automobile.”

Week of Energy Balancing is done across 7 days while you go about your life. Daily distant session done for you without appointment time.

Text Support is a series of texting interactions with me while you are creating, writing, or need support for a few days.

Life Event Support Everyone wants “Someone in Their Corner”. My clients use this before and during Exams, Meetings, Legal Proceedings, Weddings, Holidays, Family Gatherings … . Space is held for you at the time of the event.

Absentee Sessions Read more about this under its own FAQ tab.

Your Energies can Become Tangled Like an Box of Old Christmas Tree Lights!

Have you or your animals been ill, injured, exposed to chemicals, been under stress? Have you overworked your adrenals, or been too long on the computer, received pain killers, antibiotics, anesthesia, or have silver fillings in your teeth?

Transform these tangled energies to allow your body to move to a state of harmony and well-being. When your energies are aligned, they open to allow the systems of the body to work at their optimal level. When blood and lymph are free of stagnation, the muscles, bones, and tendons can freely receive the vital life forces the blood delivers to them to facilitate recovery, and, even a more youthful appearance from lack of constriction.

Similarly, the subtle energies of the mind and spirit need to be unencumbered and free. When you transmute the stored tension in your body from your emotions, you will feel better, think more clearly, and get where you want to be in life!

We are energy, we are all energy! Our energies can be balanced and tuned whether it is in a relationship with our self, our animals, our homes, places we work, our cities, groups of people, or our world.

We All Need Tuning. Energy Balancing, and Regular Support in Our Life!

We have not been taught how to take care of our energies.

Transform inharmonious energies such as fear and anger to harmony, positive living, and health.

These sessions generally continue unfolding for some long time after your session time is over! Each person and animal responds differently according to their own priority. ENJOY!!!

I believe you will be quite pleased as the subtle energies align and balance throughout your body/mind/spirit.