Spiritual Warriors, Mystics, & Healers

True Spiritual Warriors and Mystics are an obscure and rare group of peoples. They can be found among any profession or walk of life without regard for social status, wealth, or education. On the contrary, these may be barriers on occasion for the mystic truth seeker and warrior.


It is my own personal life experience and not uncommon for clergy, scientists, and healers to evolve beyond the presently accepted paradigm of thinking to find themselves moving away from their chosen work into a new vocation of truth seeking toward a greater good for all.

The terms Spiritual Warrior and Mystic, as used here, refers to those individuals whose major tenets are outside of religious organizations. Their work is generally free of referencing terminology that aligns them with any particular nationality, geography, group, or religion because their global focus is for the good of all of the world and humanity.

Their main derivative is to seek universal truths that aid all in this universe and beyond. They generally want to help humanity ascend to a higher level through whatever means and skills they have acquired to date. These individuals and groups may be difficult to locate.

In addition to myself, here are names and websites of several people that I am privileged to know, study, and work with. Please read their websites carefully to ensure your needs are in alignment with their scope of work. While there is overlap, each of us specializes in different areas and services. They can also refer you on to others they know if this is not what you need.

Fred Brooks, Liz, & Team

Specializes in clearing a person’s energy field.
This includes the clearing of this persons Physical Body, Home, Work/ Work Space, and any vehicles.

This is all done remotely, using the same concept as Remote Viewing.

Usually this is a fairly simple and quick process. Once cleared we will give further instructions if needed.

Edwin Harkness Spina

Personal Energy Center Clearing & Higher Self Integration

Includes: Activating your Pineal & Pituitary glands, flush energetic debris and negative energy from your emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Expand your aura. Remove foreign bodies, nano bots, super entities, etheric implants, portals, & dens. Purge mental trash, fears, pain and trauma. Reset your DNA.