Everything you need for a great session!

Congratulations! Your life is about to change! Energy sessions can be a lot of fun! They are powerful, and their results generally continue to unfold for some time.

If you need an appointment sooner or outside of office hours call me at: 1-806-341-7106

Please read the “FAQ” tab at top of page as it will answer many questions and save you session time!

1)   Please call or arrive at your appointment time for best use of your session. (by appointment only)

Phone: 1-806-341-7106
Skype: rleahmoon

2)  The sessions below DO NOT have a Call-in Time:

Absentee Sessions do not have a call-in time as they are done while you do your life. You will receive an email report in 1-3 business days after completion. The scheduler notification is used to acknowledge I have received your request, and to confirm your session type, and payment.

Special Life Event Support does not have a call-in time because you will be at the event. The scheduler notification is used to let you know that I have received your request and to confirm your session type, time of event, and payment.

3) Client Forms – Legal Stuff

a) Client Agreement is necessary before your first session: read online or download. Please send me an email me stating:

“I, (name) ______________, (date) ____________ have read, downloaded, and accepted the Client Agreement. I agree that my typed name serves as my electronic signature.” 

This email, or a signed copy, or typed electronic signature is legally required to be on file before we can begin our session.

You are already done if you schedule online and click “Yes” that you have read and accepted the Client Agreement.


b) Client History fillable form (or) Client History space for hand written

Easy to fill out, becomes our “energy packet” we use before, during, & between, saves session time, and opens automatically for more lines as you type. Add as little or as much info as you like. 

Email the Client History to yourself first to confirm you can attach, receive, open, and read the Client History. Second, email form to me so I can facilitate your first session. If time becomes an issue, we can also fill it out during your first session. email

c) Energy Points: (Optional) Print a copy and have the sheet near you for visual reference at the start of sessions because a picture is worth a thousand words.

d) Email (Optional) A picture if you have one. It doesn’t have to be great; it just needs to resemble you. You can also insert it in your client history form.

e) Issue Focus Form: (Optional but really important.) Gold nuggets to facilitate progress. This form becomes an “energy packet” that we use before, during, and between sessions.

f) BSFF Sheet: (Optional) Read the instructions to the subconscious mind on page eight and nine from the “BSFF Treatment Protocol”.

g) (Optional) Download Free EFT Manual

h) (Optional) Maximize Your Sessions

i) (Optional) Brochure

4)  Suggestions during Session:

Find a comfortable quiet spot where you will not be interrupted.

Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign up as you are engaged in
Very Important Life Work!

Come hydrated and bring water to drink during the session.

Paper and pen if you would like to take notes.

Being too hungry during a session can be a distraction.

5)  You may enjoy watching the documentary “Heal” on Netflix to learn more about the how, what, and applications of energy healing. It may be available elsewhere too.

I look forward to helping you get to where you want to be in life!