Why are there dramatic results and sometimes not?
I have seen many people have dramatic results right after an emotion, energetic block, distortion, or imbalance is corrected. Remember, the process, whether directed towards your life, health, or well-being, may require rebalancing several energy sets, or the release of several emotions, issues, problems, events etc., before a reintegration, resolution, or relief may be realized.

Healing and change happen when conditions are right. By letting go of old energetic structures you open the door toward allowing this to happen. It can only help you to be expecting great results because it raises your own personal vibration, strengthens your intuition, and helps you get more quickly to great resolutions.[1]


*Note: Healing and changing one’s life can be a challenge. Some people become fearful when they begin to heal or move forward in their life.They subconsciously slow or stop their progress because they are afraid of what their life will be when the old way is gone. Some couples stop working when they see their partner begin to change and realize it means they will have to change too.

1(Bradley Nelson, DC, founder of the Emotion Code and the Body Code: www.healerslibrary.com, accessed 2013)

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