Energy Clearing 

Elevate Your Being to a Higher Level of Consciousness!

Discard Energies that are not of the Highest and Best Good for you. Facilitate your Higher Self Merging with your Body, Mind, and Spirit so you can live from a New Foundation of Love, Creativity, and Right Livelihood. 

Respond to New Situations from a Balanced Peaceful Conscious Perspective rather than react to old triggers.

This cumulative expansion of your energy with each session often results in a sensation of feeling light, free and energized. The rate at which you integrate your Higher Self differs from person to person. Initially there may be a tendency for the energy to drop some between sessions depending upon what is going on in your life. Your ability to hold more energy increases each time. 

Get Rid of Discordant Energies and Blocks that prevent you from Manifesting a Joyful, Healthy, and Creative life.

Activate your Pineal & Pituitary glands.

Flush Energetic Debris and Negative Energy from your Emotional, Mental, and Physical Bodies.

Expand your Aura.

Remove Foreign Bodies. 

Purge Mental Trash, Fears, Dimensional Pain and Traumatic events.

Reset your DNA energetics.

Clear your Personal Energy Field! Expand & Live in a New Dimension with Unlimited New Possibilities at Your Disposal!

Feel More Balanced!
Respond More Positively to the World!
Manifest What You Want More Quickly!
Quiet the Mental Chatter!
Access Your Inner Wisdom!
Deepen Your Spiritual Being!