Surrogate – Proxy – Distant – In Person

In-Person: When the client is physically present.

Distant: The client and practitioner are in different physical locations. They can each be in a different city, state, or half way around the world. This is a great perk for those using a practitioner trained in distant work because it is not necessary for the client to be present to receive the same or even greater results. Distant work allows the client to find the best practitioner to meet their needs anywhere in the world without the limitation of distance and the expense of travel.

Phone: Many energy practitioners work exclusively on the telephone. Phone sessions have many advantages and few disadvantages. There may be certain instances that are not conducive to the telephone.

Surrogate is like an extension cord: The client is physically present, either touching or within a few feet of the practitioner. This is used when the client is not testable, is a child, or animal. The practitioner may also plug in another person who is testable, like plugging in an extension cord, except that it is a person. The client then uses the plugged in surrogate (who is touching the client) to test as though they were the client. The client can then receive the balancing directly or the surrogate can receive the balancing for the client with equal results.

Proxy: Proxy testing is an incredible and convenient tool because it opens up a whole new world of ways of helping people right now who happened to be somewhere else. Proxy testing allows us to do the work without the limitations of time or distance. Proxy testing may sound like one of those mysterious things that baffle people but it is not. Proxy testing is energetic testing that is done on a proxy, a person who acts in place of another person. If Emily in England wants to help Alice in Australia, she can act as proxy for Alice herself, using self-testing, or she can also have an assistant act as proxy for Alice. Then Emily in England can carry out the work as normal, just as if Alice from Australia were right there and all the while intending to help Alice. When Emily in England is done, she, or her assistant will make sure to disconnect again from Alice, just like hanging up the phone at the end of a chat.

Proxy testing works quite a bit like a cell phone. Our bodies have a built-in capacity to quickly and easily “dial” someone else, and create an energetic connection with them. Once you’re connected, you can get answers about what is going on with the other person’s body because you’re picking up their energetic signal. Now that you know what needs to be fixed, you can fix it on the proxy person, and it corrects the problem on the person who you are intending to help, no matter how far away they are.

Energy sessions can potentially be conducted with anyone, anytime, anywhere. We all know someone who has some kind of physical or emotional issues going on that could benefit. We can help our children, grandchildren, spouses, friends and pets as long as we have permission from the guardian. It is a natural, practical, and easily accessible method. Remember it doesn’t hurt, it’s not scary, and can be a lot of fun too! There is nothing to lose except old issues that have been hanging around blocking your progress. Distant and proxy work have many advantages. The client can be anywhere in the world, they don’t need to be on the phone, or know anything about it beforehand. (If the child is a pre-teen or teenager, including them is respectful and a great idea.).